Ashraya : Observation

The Observation Home is a facility for juvenile boys in conflict with the law. The boys in the home are in for various crimes such as robbery, murder and rape. Many of these children come from dysfunctional families and take to a life of crime because of unfavorable influences.

A need was felt to make the lives of juvenile delinquents and other less fortunate children and teenagers more meaningful. Ashraya has been involved in the observation home since 1997, when we used to run a non-formal school on the campus.

Ashraya has been one of the members of the Home Management Committee since 2001. The Home Management Committee was started by the Government of Karnataka to bring transparency into the system and to encourage Government-NGO partnership in running of the Observation Home. The objective of this program is to support rehabilitation of juveniles in conflict with the law, through psycho-social counseling, education, vocational training and life skills education programs.

Ashraya also employs counsellors from Parivarthan to help rehabilitate the boys. A dance teacher visits the home twice a week and teaches the boys folk and western dance to build up the boys’ self esteem and motivation levels. Vocational training in tailoring, with the co-operation of Goodwill International Training Institute, was conducted as part of the rehabilitation plan. We have also seen to it that conditions with regard to the living spaces, food and clothing and hygiene of the boys have improved greatly.

Without doubt it was one of the best run Government Institutions in the country. As a pilot program, it was evaluated by the Government of India and has been recommended as per the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS), for advocating better NGO-Government partnership.

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