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The organization was set up by a group of women, who were all Child Welfare professionals, with a view to bring in quality care for children in residential care, which at the time, was sorely lacking. The organization works on the firm belief that institutions should only be a temporary shelter for children.


  • To provide non-institutional solutions for underprivileged, destitute and abandoned children.
  • To empower abused, battered and abandoned women

The Ashraya Board

The Ashraya Committee has always been small, cohesive and hands on. Every member of the Committee has been involved with the work of the organization and the different projects, in some way or the other. The work of the organization is more important than any individual.

Ashraya Committee Members

  • Ms Rama Ananth  -  Founder
  • Ms Shanthi Chacko  -  President
  • Mrs Nomita Chandy  -  Secretary
  • Mrs Christy Abraham  -  Treasurer
  • Mrs Surya Vaz  -  Board Member
  • Mrs Anjolie Advani  -  Board Member
  • Mrs Mallika William  -  Board Member
  • Mrs Radhika Nambiar  -  Board Member
  • Mrs Nithya Reddy  -  Board Member

Some insights into Ashraya

Ashraya is funded in several ways; donations from contractors, Indian and foreign sponsorship programmes, donations from voluntary organizations and companies and fund-raising events. Our administrative costs are extremely low and most of the money raised goes directly into services for underprivileged children and women.

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